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About Globetrotters Languages Academy

At Globetrotters Languages Academy, our mission is to create a new generation of culturally aware, global citizens who embrace new experiences and ideas, and who work to create a more collaborative world.

Globetrotters Languages Academy  was  founded in April 2016.
We offer language classes for both credit and enrichment. Courses take place online in our virtual Zoom Classroom. These courses are designed for students ages 5 to 18, adults and families. Our virtual classroom functions much like a traditional brick and mortar classroom, and offers many of the same benefits of a regular classroom. Our program is dedicated to the promotion of multicultural and global citizenship education.  

a little boy saying hello in many languages

Our Method:
Neurosciences and Cultures for Effective and Lasting Learning

A zero-translation, Comprehensible Input based, and Brain-Friendly method that facilitates language acquisition the way our brains are naturally wired for learning.

The Globetrotters Method focuses on communication and fluency. Our method reduces fatigue on the brain that can come with second language acquisition.
We do not use translation but focus on whole language and communication.  We use cognates words, gesture, drawing  to FEEL and EXPERIENCE the language. 
Our method focuses on making language connections in the brain and opening those connections for the acquisition of new language.  
Translation breaks the connections in the brain that are being created and creates reliance on the native language to speak the new language. Not only that, but language cannot always be translated word-for-word. That type of translation can create cultural misunderstanding.

All coursework has been designed to help students practice specific practical language skills that will help build brain connections and promote fluency. Students are assessed through experiential learning projects that require them to APPLY their learning in a practical way – NOT through tests.
The Bon Voyage method helps students to be able to think in the new language by providing “comprehensible input.” Students are able to communicate much faster than if they had used a translation method.
Interested in learning more? Request a free sampler class!

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